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This community is for, to put it directly, fanart featuring characters from movies, comics, cartoons, books, games, TV shows and musicals (or anything else a fat wheezy man living in his mother's basement might be inclined to squeal like a little girl over)in classic pin up poses.

Tasteful adult content is okay, but it can not be of a vulgar or gratuitous fashion and must be put behind a cut with the correct labeling (see below). All posts will be cleared by a moderator, so those posts not abiding by the rules will be discreetly absent from the community, a nice note explaining why sent to the poster.

Creatively is so very much encouraged. Heroine reclining on a couch? Yus, it's pretty, but... try and do something weird, something unique. Have a trademark theme! Try and take your favourite heroine or hero out of her/his usual context. Have some fun with it!

Both female and male pin ups are equally encouraged. As is respect to both genders.

When posting, please follow these guidelines:

+ LJ Cut large images - anything over 500 in width. 100x100 thumbnails before the cut would be very cool. Please be considerate of dial-up users and possibly give text links to the images outside the cut. Also, watch the filesize.

+ Only post Pin Ups you have created (drawn, painted, etc. Photo manips are allowed, but you must have either dramatically altered the original image, or combined many different elements to get the final result. In short, there must be clear effort shown) by yourself. If references, homage, or in cases of photo-manips - base pictures, are used, links to the original sources should be included at the bottom of the post.

+ Clearly label your post.

Fandom and Characters shown: Batman (Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy)
Medium: Digital/traditional etc
Content: (please always bold this) Work-safe (no nudity, nothing too suggestive), Not-Safe-For-Work (NSFW) which is nudity, tasteful or otherwise, and suggestive elements in stuff like posing, situation, costuming...

+ On Adult material: This is not a community to post pornographic pin ups or sex acts. Guidelines on what is acceptable and what is not are hard to define, so for the general idea of what we're looking for, check out artists such as Adam Hughes, Bruce Timm, Joe Chiodo, J Scott Campbell, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, Phil Noto and Adam Warren. NOOOOTE: This is not the quality we're looking for. Just content ideals. It can be sexy, but not porn.

Competitions will be forthcoming! Ideas are welcome!

Have fun and enjoy your daily fix of stylish fandom sploogery.